problem with bezier curves

I´m new to Blender and this is my first post.
Let me put in english (I´m portuguese) words what´s going on:
the tutorials ask me to open Curves and what apears on my screen is different from what appears on the tutorial; let me explain better: in my screen what should be the front view of the curve is the top view and vice versa.
Let me explain even better:
in my computer: on front view I see a sraight line. On top view I see “s” line.
on the tutorials: On front view I see a "s"line. On top view I see a straight line.
this happends only with bezier curves.
I have a IMac Power PC G4

thank you,

Blender adds objects respective to the viewpoint. If you add curve (or any other object) from side view it is different than if you add it from top view. The active view is always that one where your mouse pointer is, even if you use keyboard commands. Try to split your screen to different views, and then add Bezier Curve to each, so you see the difference. Bezier curves are initially a bit S-shaped, but only in one dimension.

You may find this discussion usefull: How to start with a straight Bezier curve?

thanks snifix