Problem with black freestyle lines having a vague white outline

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I`m having a problem with freestyle lines in 2.8 using EEVEE. You can see in the render that the freestyle line has a white outline to it. Does anyone know how to remove this? I cant find any options that relate to this.

(edit) Turns out its a known work in progress bug, i posted a solution further down.

I have sorting off and still see the white outline… any idea what else could cause it?

Im a blender noob TBH, so I just experimented until i found something that worked. I`m not sure what else you could try buddy. Good luck tho.

Well, the issue is still there. The following render is done with cycles.

This next one is done with eevee. Note the white outline around the freestyle lines.

I used the following blender version: blender-2.80.0-git.936014ea8c74-windows64.

Is there anything that we can do about it?

I never found a permanent fix. So I just render the freestyle with Cycles and composite them. I assumed the issue is a work in progress bug, but don`t know for sure.

It’s been reported and confirmed:

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Thanks for the info CansecoGPC.

For anyone interested, I found a way to remove the effect and still use eevee fro the freestyle. You can get rid of this unwanted edge in EEVEE by rendering the freestyle on a separate layer, then composite the 2 with a mix shader (use darken) on the freestyle, when the 2 images are composited, the unwanted edge disappears.

Here is a tutorial on how to render only freestyle:

And here is the composite set up:

Hope this helps until a fix is made.

It was solved two days ago, :wink:

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