Problem with Blender 2.34 buttons (is this a bug?)...

Hi all,

I just downloaded the latest win32 package, and installed it. Just for reference:

WinXP Home
Mobility Radeon 9600 64MB Ram
512MB Ram
40GB Hard drive
Asus Laptop

Anyways, I’ve been having a problem with the interface. When I hover over one of the buttons in the bottom panel (editing, textures, rendering etc.) all the other buttons seem to change to the same symbol. If I run the mouse over all the buttons in turn they go back to the original. It seems there’s a bug or something in the GUI, unless this is just me. I don’t have the option of updating my ATI drivers, as I think I’m right in assuming only the laptop manufacturer supplies ones for the mobility cards, and they haven’t updated them. I’ve been using blender for quite a while, so I’m not just a n00b getting confused.

Any ideas? Is this a known bug, or just me? It’s disrupting my blender usage, as I tend to use the GUI rather than shortcuts, except for the cases of modelling (e,g,s etc.)

Thanks for any help.

it is a bug with your graphics drivers

though, I’ve not seen it in 2.34, only 2.23

it looks like this you mean:
[the icons on the 3d window header, and button window header arnen’t the correct icons… they are all the same]

as for ati’s drivers for laptops, ati’s ought to at least work and may be worth a try [if you know how to remove them in safe mode if they don’t]

Thanks a lot z3r0 d! That’s a great help, at least I know there’s no bugs in blender, it would have been very surprising, it’s so stable! :slight_smile:

The image didn’t work, but you described my problem exactly, so I’ll try updating my drivers then.