Problem With Blender and Three.js....Animation doesn't work?

Greetings, August 6th 2014
Briefly, I have encountered a problem with animating a high poly model, scene and I have been unable to observe the animation in a web page after exported from a three.js exporter! All loads fine, however, the model doesn’t animate, walk the two keyframes? Any ideas would be appreciated! Also, oddly, if you observe the uploaded blend file note that the models left leg functions stiffly an doesn’t hinge appropriately while the right leg hinges at the knee perfectly? Again any help would be appreciated!

More information? I imported the model and rigified it, however, the skinning didn’t go well so I had to manually skin the model and all works fine! Although upon exporting the JS file doesn’t retain any of the “SkinIndices” or “SkinWeights” information for the model? The animation works fine within blender 2.7 and 2.65 I have tried numerous scenarios and the last test resulted in a missing animation hierarchy which is generated by the three.js blender export script ver 2.63 while I have been using the latest of 2.65 r67? I attempted to locate the 2.63 export script however I was unable to locate it while the next and further versions appear to have removed the hierarchy method of animation? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

blend file

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