Problem with blender fluid.

Ik have a question about blender 2.5
When i make a something like a tank the fluid won’t fill the whole tank but their is a little hole between the tank and the fluid, here is a picture:

You can see the space between the tank and the fluid verry good at the left.
How can i fix that?
I hope someone can help me.
Thanks Already for helping me.

There will always be some gap, its just how the fluid system works. This can be minimised with higher resolution fluids. Make sure with all fluids and objects you have reset their scale with Ctrl+A. In this case use the most important thing with cg, fake it. Bake the fluids and scale down the container so it just touches the sides of the fluid object. You could also not use the container as an obstacle, use a slightly larger proxy object that is used for the fluid calculations but just don’t render it.

Thanks for helping me, only i’m not a pro in blender so what is a proxy object and where can i get it?
Thanks for helping.

The proxy object is just another object that stands in for another. In this case just duplicate the tank and scale it up a little (use Ctrl+A to reset scale) and use this as the obstacle object. Remove the obstacle tag from the original as it will take no part in the simulation. You use this proxy with the fluid simulation but in your render you use the original tank. Get the proxy the correct size and you won’t have a gap when rendered.

Ty, it helps.