Problem with blender game engine

I have a problem with the game engine. Currently I had import 40+ objects, file size of 100+MB, in the 3D view and when I start game engine (Alt-P), blender crashes me out.
Can anyone please advise.


you’re probably confused… Blender don’t work with GTA3 engine :slight_smile:
No, seriously, it’s probably too much for the poor Blender GE
Don’t you want to start with two or three cubes? :slight_smile:
And don’t start the engine with Alt-P, only P key
Anyway, there’s many parameters to check
How do you import objects?
Have you “remove doubles”, unnecessary vertices?
Wich version of Blender?
Wich Engine?


GTA3 Engine ? Say what?

Well how big is the GTA games? they are HUGE and alot of models, way over 40, he is useing it as a (popular & knowen game engine) example.

Also, they use the GTA3 engine to make all the GTA’s from GTA 3 (duh xD) to date.

I’d actually imported pro/e wildfire objects into blender 3D view. No problem with rendering and editing. But once I press the ‘P’ key, blender crashes me out. Perhaps the images file size is too big (100MB). I did not do anything with GTA3 or vertex because I’m new to blender. Any short cut advice?

Hello again
The GTA thing it was just a joke, just to say that pro engines can handle
BIG files but probably not the game engine of Blender
But even those games don’t load 100Mb files at once ( not sure, I’m
far from an expert)
Sometimes when you import objects they have vertices doubled, check for them
Try to use the Publisher version maybe or 2.37…I don’t know…

It’s probably the large file size. Not entirely positive cause I haven’t checked to make sure, but others have said that blender tries to load the entire file at game start. So you’re essentially loading 100 MB into running memory, which would cause it to load fairly slow. Probably try to keep things in moderation and within a relatively low poly range. If you had 40+ objects all with average 500 tris each, it might be a little slow.

All this also depends on the specs of your computer too. Recently I tried out TomorrowMan’s most recent version of his airplane shooter. The file size I think was roughly 40 MB or so, it loaded slowly, but after awhile the game started running. Blender seems to freeze for awhile, but I think if you actually waited long enough, the game would eventually load.

An option to consider with large games, might be to split the game into multiple files. Pretty much like the way Andy did with the 2nd version Trascendent. The game is split into levels and each level is its own .blend file. When it comes time for the next level, just load the next .blend file. File size overall would become larger, but each segment of the game would be smaller and probably won’t take as long to load.

:pThat’s why I’m waiting for the Ogre implementation from snailrose. If you check the builds, objects and other things can be loaded externally. That means .blends can actually call and load objects so we’d have the benefit of structuring games in maybe the same way for easier editing and won’t have the side effect of a higher file size. Speculating since objects can be loaded from outside later on, the whole game hopefully won’t be loaded into memory all at once and we won’t have this sorta “freezing” problem in the future.

Jason Lin

I’d just like to say Tomarrowman’s game is now running very smoothly, is greatly improved, and is a bout a 20MB download.

How do I export Blender Game to a stand alone .exe file?

File>Save Runtime. You will need to include several DLLs in the directory of your file. I can’t remember exactly which ones, anyone know?

I put all the needed DLL’s in a file for anyone who cant figure out where to get them :):

Needed Dll’s


if you publish with blender 2.25, you dont need to add dll’s…

2.52? wow, im still useing 2.42a, since when was 2.52 out?

I said 2.25 which is way earlier version…this allows puplishing without dlls…

oh 2.25 :P, heh im tired, im just up :stuck_out_tongue: also 2.25 - 2.42a theres a big gap, i would rather keep up to date with the best version of blender.