problem with blender GE blend file included (it's really just a quick question)
here’s the link to the file when you play the game (well it’s not really a game)
try moving foward and hit the house if you hit the house directly while moving foward the game character kinda get thrown back how do you fix this I don’t wan’t for the game character to be push back when colliding with the house any ideas?:confused:

Maybe you could add a sensor to the charter so that he can’t move forward when something is right in-front of him.
Here is a quick example.


Wall Stop.blend (38.5 KB)

thanks! I’ll try your advice! thanks for answering!

Use servo motion, its the best solution.

Use the search button to find examples.


and thanks for the blend file^^ my thanks to both Jhon316 and Excalaberr