Problem With Blender Model

After I am done sculpting my head in Blender, I switch to “Object Mode”, and I get this glitch-weird-mark-thingy on my model’s cheek (it’s on the other side, too):

How do I fix this?

Looks like a bad crease. Try using the smooth brush, or retopo that section (P to separate selected area to new object, clean it up in edit mode, Ctrl-J to join the section back to the head).

Thank you, I’ll try this. Is there a video you could direct me to, or at least give more detailed instructions on “Re-Topo-ing”?

Try that from CGCookie. They’re dealing with retopoing an entire mesh, but I’m sure you will learn stuff that you can apply on a smaller scale as well.

If you’re not really familiar with all the mesh tools I’d recommend the blender wiki ( as a handy guide to look over.