Problem with Blender


I installed blender 2.37 and 2.40 alpha and i have the same problem. When I click right on a lamp, or on camera, or on few objects, blender shut down automaticly (blender must be shut down…)

System win xp
graphic card: VIA/ SG3 KM400/KN400
RAM 480

That doesn’t due to blender, but is there a problem with my graphic card, system…? Anyone has ever seen that??

intel graphics chipsets often have the same problem

switch to 16 bit color mode
[might as well install the latest video drivers as well]

Another problem:

I recently on my mac upgraded to 10.4.3 and as soon as I did so blender started acting reallllllllllllllly slow, to the point that it’s unusable. After launching the program I’m able to see every part of the UI materialize on the screen very slowly as if I had almost no video ram or something. Then as soon as you clear the startup splash panel the who process starts again like a screen refresh, as if the new update f’d up openGL or something, is it just me or are other mac users exerpiencing anything like this??