Problem with blender

Im trying to build a mic cord but when I add the name of the object to define the shape for the curve, it works but blender closes if I use the mouse or keyboard after that everything works fine before. any help would be appreciated.

Ubuntu 7.10
blender 2.45
Dell 460m

Need more specifics. If the curve is closed, us c to open/close it. If blenders crashing, describe what you’re doing more carefully.

run blender from a terminal (cd to the blender directory and ./blender- or just type blender if instaled from pacage manager)
when it crashes it will output errors to the terminal, post them here

Thanks for moving to the correct location.

caveman the curve is open. Im trying to use a circle curve to extrude along a bezier curve, it works prefect but any interaction with blender apart from rotating the view results in a crash.

terminal output was:
guessing ‘blender-bin’ == ‘/usr/bin/blender-bin’
Compiled with Python version 2.4.4.
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

thanks for the replies

It seems a few other people on Linux are experiencing the same problem anyway I adjusted things how I wanted it then cover curve to a mesh as soon as the curve shape is is still very much welcome though.

Dude… finish your sentences perhaps? How can we help if you are not writing out what you need help with?