problem with Blender

None of the external rendering engines are showing up in Blender’s scene panel. Theres not even a dropdown to select them. I tried reinstalling Blender, but it didn’t fix it. Could it be a video card setting? I modified the display settings a few days ago, and the rendering engines used to show up.

EDIT: I just checked, and none of the scripts are working. what is causing this?

can you goto the terminal screen of your blender application (the dos window) and see if it said PYTHON was found and running correctly?

I just checked, and all my scripts are gone!

ok…is python installed according to the blender console/dos window?

Well I may not be able to download the scripts tonight. My internet connection is taking a dump.

I downloaded the scripts, but it doesn’t show the external renderers dropdown.

Ok - forget the scripts. Scripts wont work without Python. Do you have…Python

Wow. This guy is stubborn, eh?

I lol’d.

For any scripts to show, you’ll need something…I forget what it’s called…oh yes, Python. You need Python. Check if you have Python. Blender will tell you if you have Python or not.


The dropdown box doesn’t appear because it only showed yafray and BI, and yafray has been removed 2.49a.
You can use yaf(a)ray.
But listen to EVERYONE else when they say to get python.