Problem with blender's display

I recently bought a new monitor which i connected to my computer as well as my old one in a dual monitor set up. Blender displays correctly on my old monitor at 1280 X 1024. However my new monitor does not display blender correctly, and has a resolution of 1400 X 1050. Is there a way to correct this problem, so that blender displays correctly on the larger resolution monitor?
For further clarification, attached is a screen shot of the problem. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


No one else has responded so I’ll proffer my feeble guess: make sure all your display drivers are the latest available. Don’t use the default MS drivers. Get them directly from your card manufacturer.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the reply. my drivers are up to date, and am running through a graphics card, so it’s not the MS drivers. It seems to work fine on the lower resolution monitor, so it’s not a big problem.