Problem with blender's lighting system (making a lamp)

Hey so im having trouble with lighting from my lamp. This is the image im trying to replicate. SX466

I’ve modeled the lamp successfully (heres the model)

but the problem is the lighting of it. I’ve never fully understood how lights in blender work. Basically, i have a sphere inside the lamp thats lit up with a plain emission texture that is orange with like 1000 strength (i turned it really high bc nothing was working) 19%20PM%202

(excuse the not fully rendered screenshot)
My problem is that i want the light to A) show up on the wall a lot more and B) come out of the glass slots in the lamp and hit the wall as well. Neither of these two were happening and i couldnt find anything about it (im sure it exists but i wasnt sure what to look up). If i havent given enough info about it feel free to ask. PS: i have tried using spot lamps but those work even less for me, prob still doing something wrong)
Thanks in advance,

EDIT: i knew id forget something and sure enough i did, heres the screenshot of the whole thing in rendered mode (still the same lighting setup as the above screenshots)

(EDIT 2: i also know that sometimes things show up after you render the scene more. I’ve tried that and it didnt show that much difference)

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I suspect that you are not filtering shadows on your glass material.

Mix it with a transparent shader using a light paths/is shadow ray input as the factor.

It seems like your glass parts don’t allow glass to pass trough or am I not correct?

Andrew price has some usefull things. In below tutorial he will show you the material set-up for glass that lets through light. And he explains some simple steps for lights, in blender 2.8 (and maybe before) you can give lighting characteristics to your lamps. (IES)

4:36 glass


Gave it a try, used global illumination for light bounces.
See attached .blend

Light.blend (616.5 KB)

First off, thanks for all the feedback. I tried the stuff that you guys said and i duplicated the light source and put one just under the glass on the top and the second just above the glass on the bottom. Noise shot up a lot but im trying raising the samples and turning off reflective caustics (i tried refractive too but that removed the light in some areas so id like to avoid that) if theres any other thing that could make the light “smoother” then let me know (and also, it may not be noise but it looks like noise usually looks so thats just what im assuming) heres the render

i also have this hdri in the backround set to 0.2 strength (a screenshot of it bc the original png was too big)

the more i look at it the more i think that its most likely not noise but i’d still like to know how to make it smoother