Problem with bone actions

So i have a mesh,an armature and a cube.
The mesh is parented to the armature,and the armature has actions,wich work if i press alt + a,the armature is parented to a cube,to control the movement of the character,i use actuators to animate the armature during the game,but the mesh dows not change in shape,but the bones do move,because i have 2 object parented to bones directly,not the armature and those move when animating the armature,any idea what the problem could be?

If required i will upload the .blend file

EDIT:Sorry i sort of figured it out,it seems that i the bge doesn’t go well with modifiers,and i had armature modifier,but i had to actualy do the fake modifier by parenting,it is odd

I think the armature modifier is still applied before runtime, whereas most of the modifiers update every frame. It’s a little annoying, seeing as when I’m still working on a model at the mirrored phase I have to apply the mirror and reparent the mesh, but I can deal with that (and there aren’t any settings on the armature modifier that you can’t get by changing settings on the armature, so there’s no loss of options)