Problem with Bone Rotation Scaling Mesh

First of all, I have looked up and found many related questions and answers, but I couldn’t follow them or they didn’t seem to be stemming from the same problem. It’s also worth noting that I’m relatively new to this, haven’t done anything in blender for a few months thanks to school work, and this is the first character I’ve done with this kind of ‘design.’

On to the point, I’ve rigged some characters before so I didn’t expect any trouble with this one, but when I set the parenting to automatic weighting, and tried to pose it some, the mesh itself scales when I rotate the bone, leading to a bizarrely stretched hand and an unusable armature that I can’t animate with. I’m doing this for a personal project (a game), and I can’t do much without the basic model past make some new skins in the meantime. If anyone can take a look at this and tell me exactly where I went wrong and/or how to fix it (or especially if you could even fix the file and reupload it for me) I would be greatly appreciative. I’ve been messing with the model for an hour now to no avail, so even if the solution is massively obvious, I simply can’t seem to find it. Thanks very much in advance for any help, again it’s appreciated.

  • pulsusego
    Basic_Cubeman_02.blend (786 KB)
    P.S. Let me know if there’s any questions or information needed, I’d be more than happy to help.

You’ve scaled your armature object along the Z axis for some reason. Don’t do object scaling on your armature. If you want to scale things, do it in Edit mode.

Also your mesh has two Armature modifiers. I think you parented it twice. Should only have one.

Thanks much for the response, I’m vaguely sure it helped, haha. Now I don’t even know how to describe what’s gone wrong, though. The bone weights seem to be spastic, not sure there’s even any real method behind their proportions. I’m going to put a new file up, with what it looks like now. I cleaned out the old armatures though, as well as remaking the armature while not scaling anything, only extruding in edit mode, along with some translation to get it to fit properly (also in edit mode). Again, I tried working with it for a while but, well, I’m still stumped.

Any thoughts?
Basic_Cubeman_03.blend (831 KB)

You’ve got a few duplicate vertices (to delete these: in edit mode, select all, W>Remove Doubles) and some odd interior faces (to delete these: switch to edge or vertex select, Shift-Ctrl-Alt-M or Select Menu>Select Non-Manifold, X>Faces). You also might want to scale everything down because your character is just colossal (mesh and armature in Object mode, shift-select them both, scale them down to a more manageable size, Ctrl-A to apply the scales and rotations again). After that you can again clear out the modifier, put the armature back in pose mode and redo the auto-weights with Ctrl-P. He deforms as he should for a rig like that. He doesn’t deform like a minecraft character, and that might be part of what’s throwing you off, but there are several minecraft rigging setups to get that blocky deformation if that’s what you want.

It’s perfect! Thank you so much, I never would have figured that out on my own, you’re a wonderworker. Thanks again for the help, this opens up the rest of the ‘development’ for me as far as the modeling goes, and I took your advice and scaled him down by half… three times. I figure if each 1x1x1 block is a meter wide, then he’s about three meters tall now, which makes a lot more sense. Plus, I realize now that when I put him into Unity he probably would have literally been a colossus. Again, thank you very much and your help is greatly appreciated.