problem with bones crashing render

Hello blender world!

I modeled a fairly low poly character (19000 faces). It renders fine with a few lights. toon shader.
However when I rigged it, it now crashes any test renders I try. Malloc error.
I watched my task manager while I rendered the no bones model and it never went over 1.5 GB. But the file with bones crashes at 4GB (my hardware limit) I increased my pagefile to 10GB with no luck.
Can I bake the pose into the model and delete the bones?
Is there some settings I could reduce?
i’ve rendered much more complex frames in maya on machines with only 1 GB…


system spec
blender 2.49b 32bit
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.090302-1506)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Acer
System Model: Aspire X1700
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2220 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 4094MB RAM
Page File: 1960MB used, 6445MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 64bit Unicode

I dropped my subsurf render detail form 6 to 5 and it renders. It still seems to me this simple scene should not take that much memory…

Your model may be 19,000 … but is that before or after 5 or 6 layers of subsurf? On my quad core with 3gb memory I can normally only get away with 2 or 3 levels on a model your size.

the 19000 is before subsurf. I dont have a clue what a good face count should be. Does anyone have general face count goals? I don’t have any problem rendering the model with a render subsurf of 6 and photoshop open. But with no other apps running the bones crash it… If I added a back ground or another character??? Guess I have to render in layers.

but it still seems like I should beable to render such a simple scene with 4GB. Is blender that weak? Its got awesome tools and features, but if it can’t render what good are they?

Face count depends on what your computer can handle. Go for the lowest amount where you don’t see triangles. Try setting sunsurf at 2 and see if you notice a quality difference.

Blender does seem to be more sensitive to face counts than other programs, crashing rather than giving an error or just going slower.

IIRC subsurf 2 = 4x faces, subsurf 3 = 16x , etc its 4X power times your number of faces to subsurf 6 is a lot, too lazy to calcualte, LOL its something like 212 or 4096x 190K so lets see thats about 10 million faces