Problem with bones selection

I have a problem with the selection of overlapping bones. In edit mode I cannot select a bone if it is overlapped by one or more bones of larger dimensions. This is a problem especially when I have to use parent or costraints between two bones, never being able, after selecting the first bone and holding down the Shift key, to select the second desired bone, always ending up selecting the bones that overlap it. I have tried to visualize the armature in wired viewport display, x-ray in solid and wireframe viewport shading and so on in all possible combinations, but I can’t figure it out and it is quite confusing since watching online videos and tutorials no one seems to have this type of problem, being able to easily and intuitively select with a click any overlapped bones. Am I missing something? Please, someone stop my torments!

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You can’t as far as I know. There are visibility options on the armature object itself but those get overridden by the xray magic crap you see here when you switch to wireframe in pose mode. You’d expect wireframe mode to be actually wireframe and allow you to select bones directly by clicking on their… wireframe. But not in blender.

You can always add the target for a constraint through the constraint options in the right panel but I will admit that is cumbersome since you can’t pick the bone with the picker. You can only pick the armature and then you still need to use the dropdownlistbox to scroll down and select your final bone (facepalm).

I feel your pain and would love to hear a solution as well (although I don’t think there is one).

You can move bones to separate layers (there’s a bone layer panel). I have seen folks do this when they want both IK and FK - move the IK ones to a different bone layer while working on them to keep things clean.

In the clean up phase you would then swap out the bones with custom bone shapes and such.