Problem with boolean

So i wanted to perform a boolean between 2 spheres. I making a quick little deathstar to mess with some other stuff but I intend to render it. I used the megabool r12 script and that worked reasonably well between a couple of 32 segment/ring spheres but now there is this weird “discoloration” on the surface around the edge of the divot. I thought maybe it was normals but those are all pointing out. I did some searching but to no avail. I assume it is an artifact of the boolean. Is this just the way it is or can it be fixed? I’d be interested if anyone had a workaround for geting that bowl shaped indentationin the sphere…maybe a high poly sphere and pull in a vertex with proportional editing turned on? Thanks for any help.

That’s a problem with booleans. Fortunately the Proportional Edit Tool has a spherical option now.

Another possible way to do it is to select the verts in edit mode and use “To Sphere” progressivly; once to get it to bump enough to get your cursor planar to the surface and again to get it spherical.

Me, I’d cut a sphere in half and extrude the rest from there.


Easier way: Make a UV Sphere, smalle poly works fine, but greater geometry works well also. On the top (or bottom) of the sphere, where the verticies start coming to a point, select all the faces surrounding the point where they meet, and the faces that come out from them. Now, press S, then the letter for the axis that you want to scale on, like, if the part You selected is facing up, or down, you would scale on the Z-axis. You will then move your mouse inwards (make sure you selected an axis, or it would just scaled down) and it should start to scale only on that axis, eventually going into lower numbers. You can scale negativly so that those points go into the sphere, thus greating the dent you want. This is more exact, and mor efficient than booleans. If you want me to make a graphical tutorial, I can, though I don’t think it would be necessary for this…

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Thanks Ongnissim! That was perfect for the divot. My only problem now is the materials. It was going to be easy breezy with the sphere straight up and down; I was just going to choose rows of faces for a slightly different grey. Now I think I have to mess with textures and UVs. Ack. Still at least the divot looks good. Deeper into the rabbit hole I guess. Thanks for the idea I don’t think it would have come to me any time soon.

No problem!

BTW, I don’t think I fully understood your last post; You can rotate your mesh so that the faces are where you want them, then you can color them, and if you dont have enough, you can use the same concept as about with a higher poly sphere. I dont see how it would be any different…

But eventually you will have to learn UV’s, so I guess there’s no better time to start…

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