problem with camera distance from its (parent) path

Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help.

I have created a scene which I would like to fly a camera about.
I created a path with add>curve>path, then I shaped the path.
Next I set the path to the camera trajectory path by selecting the camera and the n shift-select the path.
Then ctrl-p > Follow path.

This causes the camera to be moved an enormous distance from my scene and I can’t grab it back.


It’s a weird phenomenon caused, as I recall, by the fact your camera wasn’t at 0,0,0 when you did the parenting so Blender applies the current offset and offsets the camera from the path start point. Try selecting the camera and pressing Alt-G, Alt-R (clear location, rotation) and see if that helps.

But I wasn’t aware this was still happening in recent versions of Blender. What version are you using? If you’re using an old Blender then maybe it’s time to update.

version 2.37a
hmm, the same effect occurs if I clear position and rotation before parenting (although the camera is displaced to a different region than before).
However, if I clear position after parenting then the camera rides the path perfectly (zero distance from path). This is good.
BTW the camera is MASSIVE now, but camera view (num-0) is normal.
It is too difficult to move the camera from the path now (it is very sensitive to mouse movements).

thanks heaps,

Yep, parenting cameras (or anything) to paths in 2.37 was an interesting experience that had me doubting my sanity for quite a while. It does seem to be easier in recent versions though.

I can only guess that the huge camera has something to do with it adopting a scale attribute from the path too. I can’t recall seeing it myself but I only used 2.37 for 6 months or so and probably never scaled a path.

I also can’t recall what things I discovered to make life easier but you might try parenting an empty to the path first then parenting the camera to the empty. This might at least give you slightly better control over repositioning the camera relative to the curve.

Where’s Fligh when you need him?


Use Shft-Ctrl-P (Parent without Inverse) when you parent to the Path.