Problem with camera following a path ??

I am using a long ellipse as a camera path. The ellipse was made making the Y size of a circle longer, but when I make this curve the path of the camera and press Curve follow the camera is deformated.

How can I avoid this deformation? (avoiding the camera to be affected by the deformation of its path)

I am using an ellipse because it has the interesting property that the normal looks always to the center of the curve, so the camera would be always looking at the planet,

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Apply Size/Rot (Ctrl-A) on the elipse.


Thank you very much. Now, it’s false that the normal of an ellipse always points to the center, unless it is a circle. My mistake!

How can I make that the camera always look at the center, where ever it is in its path?

if there is an object that you want the camera to look at, create a lookat constraint with the name of the object.

Its best though to have the camera look at an empty. It makes it a lot easier for long animations where the camera needs to look at more than one object.

Thanks a lot! It’s amazing how fast one get answers in this forum.

eheh, I just notice my first reply was 1 minute after you posted your question.

New Record!