problem with camera view in linked group

Hello, I have searched the forums and found nothing so far on my question, however I may have missed a topic.

I am trying to figure out a script that will go from a .blend file containing my main-menu screen, to another blend file that would be the actual game, instead of containing everything in one large blend file with hundreds of linked objects inside of it, anyone know a script to do so or any way with Logic Bricks?

Thank you in advance. And thank you for reading my question.

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Use the game (start new game) actuator and just type the path of the .blend file.

Ah, thank you, I did not know the answer would be so simple, This will help tons with main menu’s as I will no longer require one large file. I have one more question to ask if you wouldn’t mind answering, I have the logic briicks and rig on my characters most of the time, and I will link them into the main file, but when I do, they don’t work right. (Falling through floors, lacking most animations, logic bricks don’t work, Ect, ect.) But it would work fine on the actual blend file, I ask so that I can correct the issue with my next character I am about to finish before I do the rig or logic bricks. Thank you yet again.

I’m not too sure about your second question. I haven’t actually used linking in a game yet.

Maybe you linking is incorrect. You should link, everything from your blend file…the mesh, the armature…bounding box (if you have any)…etc.

I link the actions, the mesh, the object, and the armature, as far as I know thats what I need but I may be incorrect, I’ll link the entire file this time and see if it works better.

regarding linking a character from another file. Take a look at YoFrankie, for that we linked frankie into our scene as a group. Then add him as a group instance. I found this works very well.

I found the only way to link in all the actions was to add all of actions you want to the armature’s NLA editor.

I’ve linked my character into my scene, with a camera parented to him, I press ctrl+0 to view the camera, but instead it goes into a view pointing downward inside of the character, how can I resolve this issue? thank you.

A camera thats instanced by a dupligroup cannot be the active camera in blender, (Ctrl+0), however it can be active in the game engine but youll need to set it active with an actuator or a python script.

Great thank you, do you happen to know of a script I could use? Or where I could find one?