Problem with Candle Flame

I’m currently working through the candle flame tutorial at cgtutsand am having a bit of trouble with the flame. As you can see from the attached pic, my flame has quite a bit of banding/granularity to it, yet I’m pretty sure my settings are the same as what he’s done in the tutorial. Mind you, I believe the tutorial was made with 2.54 and I am using 2.59… Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Ok, after COUNTLESS hours trying to figure this one out, I finally got it. I spent the last two days tweaking every setting in the domain, particle emitter, texture, material, etc. to no avail.

Finally, just by chance I happened to move the particle emitter within the domain, and presto! It worked! It turned out I had the emitter too close to the bottom edge of the domain, and I suppose a small portion of the flame/smoke was exiting the bottom causing the ugly banding effect shown in my first post. By simply moving the emitter away from the edge of the domain, the flame looks much better.

In case anyone else ever has this problem, I took a screenshot to show what I am talking about below. I placed two domains side by side, one with the emitter close to the bottom, and one with it away. See the results for yourself. EVERYTHING is exactly the same in both domains, except for the location of the emitter.

Thanks for that bit of info! helped to shorten my tweaking time :slight_smile:

Have you gotten this to work in 2.63. I am trying to do a flame on a candle with the same tutorial but cant get it to work.