Problem with car setup and other thing

I am beginner in blender and I am using bleder 2.49b and python 2.6.2.
From the help of I have tried to append a car of my own in the game created there but it is not working the error in both the files are coming as this:

As I want to make a racing game I started with this.
Please help me to find and rectify errors.
If anyone can provide me a tutorial from start to end it will be very helpful.
Thanking everyone in advance.


VehicleFinished_249.blend (2.47 MB)VehicleFinished_249.blend (1.66 MB)

because using blender 2.49? as you are a beginner I recommend using the new version before getting used to the old. Sorry english.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used 2.49b.

The reason that you’re getting the error messages is simple. You are starting the game engine with State Mask group 3 selected.
Select the car. Go to the Logic Panel. Under the Controller, you’ll see some buttons labeled State. You have the 3rd one selected. Select the first.

That fixes the problem that you asked about but to get it to run properly, you have some more problems to fix. You have the Scale of the tires and car set at 0.001 Reset the scale to 1.0 on all 4 tires and the car. Object mode. Ctrl A. Scale and Rotation to ObData.

Next is the car object center. You have it located under the car. Move it so it is level with the bottom of the car and centered.

Next is the object center for the tires. For some reason the object center for the front driver’s tire is located under the back passenger tire. The object center from the rear driver’s tire is located under the front passenger tire. Ect. The tire object center should be located in center of it’s own tire.

Next is the position of the tires. Change that to the corresponding wheel well of your car.
Change the radius of the tires to 1.5
Add a key to turn the car right and you’ll be good to go.


A very very thank you for your help. I have done according to your instruction but still I have not been able to run the game…so can you please again help me to find me the errors again.I am attaching the file that I have modified as per your instruction. Thank you very much.
VehicleFinished_249.blend (2.47 MB)

Thank you very much…

Hi :cool::cool:Carlo…since I have started with this version as my friend suggested it…I will change to the newer version when I finish design of my own Camaro…the one you are seeing in the game is 90% not mine…

Thank you very much problem still persists


First thing you need to do is fix the orientation of the car’s object center. The car’s object center x, y and z axis should be lined up with the x, y and z axis of the car model.

Next is changing the position of the tires. Your car is longer and wider than the car the car setup script was written for. So the position of your tires will be different.

Last thing is the State Actuator in State Mask group 2. It should switch to State Mask group 3. Right now, it’s switches to State Mask Group 2.

Also a suggestion.

  1. Think about using Smooth on your car and tires. That will greatly improve the appearance.

I’ve attached the fixed blend file. The viewport is in wire mode so you can see the car’s object center. I oriented and positioned it with the car’s body. And the text editor is open with the You should be able to see the code for the tire position. I changed the tires position to match the wheel wells for your car.

Anyway. Switch the viewport back to Textured and it’s good to go.



Vehicle_249_Fixed.blend (2.47 MB)

Thank you very much Clark…I am working on what you said…and I will revert to you when I will be able to rectify my mistake…:slight_smile:

Hi Clark,

It’s almost done,but the car added with wheels looking little bit odd…I think the mistake I have done in aligning the centre although I am trying to fix as what you have done…but the thing is that…at first time I transformed the center to ObData…so I am not able to take that center to the position you kept…can you guide me a little bit…and also I am not able to apply UV image on it.

Thank you in advance,

One another thing how have you found out the position of tyres…that means how exactly I find the co-ordinates…because the code Car setup is written according to that…so if I know how to find the co-ordinates of the centre and other things…then according to code wherever is center I will be able to place the tyre accordingly…Thank you again


The tire position is different for each car. The position of the tire object center is measured from the object center of the car.

You should think of the car object center as the the car center of gravity. For a more realistic car setup, you should position the object center in the same spot as the center of gravity for the real world car.

Easiest way to find where to position the tires. Move the car and place the object center of the car at World Position 0.0, 0.0, 0.0. Move the tires into the wheel wells. Select each tire and look at the Properties Panel (N key or 3D View menu >> View >> Properties) The X, Y and Z Locations are the distance from the object center (World Position 0.0, 0.0, 0.0).

Now for your first question about the tires looking odd. Sorry but I’m not sure what you mean. I took a closer look at the fixed file that I posted and it adds the tires with the rims on the inside of the tires instead of the outside like they should be. That is easy to fix. In there is a section named Tire_Axis(). Right now, it is using the - X axis of the tire to attach it to the car. [ -1.0, 0.0, 0.0] Change it so that each tire uses the + X axis. [ 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 ]


Hi Clark,

Thank you again for your guidance…but there is a question that how to shift the object center as I have firstly transformed the Car’s center to Obdata and that actually shifted the car’s centre in the middle i.e., inside the car and middle of everything. So how you have shifted the center…I want to know because doing it using Centre to cursor position is not working precisely…so how to shift the centre according to requirement.


hi Amit,

Here’s one way to move the object center. As an example I’ll show you using the default cube.

Start Blender. Default cube. Object center is in the middle of the cube.

Select the cube. Switch to Edit Mode. (Tab key or 3D View menu >> Mode box >> Edit Mode)
Select one vert. Any vert. Doesn’t matter which one.
Snap the 3D Cursor to the selected vert. (3D View menu >> Mesh >> Snap >> Cursor to Selected)
Switch to Object Mode.
Move the object center to the 3D Cursor. (3D View menu >> Object >> Transform >> Origin to 3D Cursor)

You’ve moved the Object Center to the selected vert.

If you want it centered between 2 or more verts, select those verts and follow the same steps.
Want it back in the center of the object? Select all of the verts. Etc.


Thank you very much Clark and sorry for late reply…and one more help Can you just help me basics of simple racing game in blender a tutorial will be very good…and thank you again


hi Amit,

I wish I could help but I just don’t have the time.

I’m in the process of updating the BGE python documentation on my website to 2.6x. It’s a lot of work. 1200 plus pages so far. Once I’m done with that, I’m going to turn it into an e-book so people can download it. I’m thinking about making it a pdf but I’m open to suggestions.