Problem with castle texturing tutorial

(Skanime) #1

I’ve been doing the catle texturing tutorial and I get to the point where you are supposed to create a new material, and I can’t. There is no place to add a new material and I can’t load the texture picture cause there is no button for that. Where are the buttons to do these things.

(S68) #2

No place to add a new material?

can’t get the problem…


1 - select object
2 - Goto Materials Window (F5)
3 - Look for button with tiny white rectangle, it is between the landscape with pink sky button and the couple of buttons with arrow up arrow down in the lower row.
4 - Press it, a menu appears with all existing materials and the magic entry ‘ADD NEW’, select this.
5 - Now you have a material!

To texture you must add textures to a material.

1 - In the material window look for a button similar to the previous one (white rectangle) located above the ‘Stencil’ button which is above a horizntal, usually pink, stripe.
2 - Press it, you wil be prompted with a menu with all existing textures, and the 'ADD NEW option.


(Skanime) #3

I was just being dumb but I’ve got it now. I didn’t have the object selected, tough I thought I did.

(S68) #4


you must have an ACTIVE object (light magenta) not just a bunch of selected objects (dark magenta) you cannot assign a material to more than one object at once…

(This is something which should be worked on…)


(mthoenes) #5

Assigning materials to multiple objects simultaneously can be accomplished once the material exists for an object. You can select multiple objects and then the object with the desired material (making it the active object). Ctrl-L brings up the make links menu where you can link all the selected objects to the desired material of the active selected object. A library of dummy objects appended to an unused layer can serve as a useful
pallet of materials.

(Skanime) #6

When I figured it out, I immediatly went to render the whole object, only to discover I had textured the moat with the wall bricks, but hey, at least I know how to do it.