Problem with CG Cookie help desk


I just joined CGCookie and I was looking for the Unity Gallery (no tab on the top of the page like Blender Gallery has). I clicked on the CGCookie help desk link and got this warning (I think from Norton). When I type in the URL:, I get a “page not found”. I know this is a bit off-topic for Blender-Artists, but I couldn’t find anyplace else to ask for help. Can anybody help me reach the CGCookie help desk and/or the Unity Gallery at UnityCookie? Thanks.


I’m not part of CGCookie or anything like that, but I’ve notified one of the admins so hopefully they can get things working again :slight_smile: Good luck!

Thanks a lot Philipe M.

Hi Zaffer,

Are you still seeing this problem? I believe it was a temporary issue with Zendesk.