problem with changing default browser

Alright. For the first time, I am posting a serious question on the off-topic chat section. I have a Mac os x 10.4.11. A while ago, safari stopped working. I could not get it to work for the life of me. I tried searching on how to change the default web browser, but it ends up you have to access safari. Guess what?!! I found this out after I trashed the safari application and all of the folders along with it, trying to install a new version. But when I do, it just gives me an error saying that it can’t install, due to an error. I am trying to change it to Opera. Please help!

I remember I changed the default browser to firefox from firefox… can’t you do that in opera?

Since I never could find the “Set as default” button, here’s a wrkaround:

Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Programs(On the menu on the left) -> Check if opera is default browser on start-up -> Restart Opera.

Then just click on ‘Yes’ when the message box shows up.