Problem with character dynamics

Hi guys, I have two questions:

I have the armature of my character parented to a cube (The cube is the parent)
So I set dynamics on that cube but no in the armature, and my character flies away.
My armature and my mesh have no dynamics. And when I put my cube to static it works fine (But I need the collision, that´s why I need dynamics)

What´s the best way to give collisions to a character? (So gravity affects him, and other static objects?)

I have a cube jumping but in the falling it is toooooo slow (Like moon jumping) I tried with higher gravity and mass, but nothing seems to work.
What could it be?

Very very grateful!

Try setting the cube to Actor/Dynamic and the armature to actor/static/ghost. I’m not sure that this will work but you have something crossed with your character. Two parts of the character can not be set to dynamic. Hope that helps.

set Armature and character mesh to “No collision”!
About the cube…well you’ve some “force/setting/value” acting somewhere?!

Hi, thanks for your replies…I will try now…But how about the second question?
Anyone knows how it works??


Post a .blend maybe?