Problem with "Child of" constraint

I have “Child of” constraints in my model (for props that character is using)

When I link the character to other scene, I lose bone offsets- bones jump to their constrained parent bone and I have to re-set the positions. is there any workaround for this?

bump! aaand, one more thing! when used with nla, child of constrained bones behave weirdly! any thoughts?

When using the NLA, make sure you turn off the ‘Offs’ button on every parentless bone.

Regarding the first problem: for the bones in question, are they in the source rig, and if so, are they in proxy-protected layers (i.e. armature layer has ‘dot’ drawn on it)?


They ARE in the source rig, but proxy protected layers? This is the first time that I hear about that! I’ll have to look for that somewhere.

Maybe you can point me into the right direction?