Problem with city gen and crossroads

(Skanime) #1

Anyone with city gen and crossroads, I’m wondering if you can help. I create a city with city gen, export it to .pov then try to open the .pov with crossroads and get an error say their is a parse error in line 16 of winsolid.ini I looked at it and line 16 has the exact same syntax as line 15 and 17. Can anyone who know what is wrong, please help me?

(humphrey) #2

what is this?

(DanielP) #3

I’m not sure, but i think CityGen writes Pov 3.1 files, and Crossroads can only parse 2.0 files.

(Skanime) #4

Hmm… Interesting. Any idea on how to get around this?

(kattkieru) #5

Since POV files are text you could go through with SED or something and remove/replace/comment out the offending lines. Dunno what impact that would have on your final scene. I’m sure you could find a list of feature differences between pov 2 and 3.1.

It’s not the best solution, but it’s a start…