Problem with clons/ Add scenes

I doubled my character(i create it like he did Every clon do the same thing, even if i add animation to only one clon. I wonder why this guy didnt animate the character. Maybe this tehnique ist good for animations, idk. Also i have problem with add few scenes(i watched tutorial but there isn’t about character’s movement) help me. (sorry for any english mistakes)

Are you sure you linked the right video? I don’t see any duplicates at the end of that one.

It sounds like you’re making linked duplicates of your rig. If you don’t want these to all use the same animation, don’t use linked duplicates. Alt d makes a linked duplicate, while shift d makes an unlinked duplicate.

You can unlink these if you’d like. Select one in object mode, u (make single user)->object animation. (You might also consider unlinking object + data.)

i linked this because i used the same tehnique to make bones. I duplikated to my own movie. My question is how make clons to have separeted movments?

By unlinking them. You don’t need to link them to have the same armature structure. You can have unlinked duplicates.

i didnt link them. i can grab them unlinked but when i do animation for one of them, everyone do the same thing.

i try to export it so maybe u understand me.