Problem with Cloth collision

Hey everyone,

I modelled and rigged a person and gave him a T-shirt with a cloth modifier on it. When I bake the shirt of the animated person now, a frustrating problem occurs when the arm gets close to the torso: the arm/hand collides with the T-shirt and pushes it into the mesh, that means through the faces of the torso.
I changed all settings I could think of (cloth collision quality, distance, steps, outer/inner face thickness etc.), but nothing worked satisfactorily :frowning:

There surely is a possibility to fix this, isn’t there?

Many thanks in advance!

Try messing with the person’s collision settings in the physics panel. If you change the “Soft Body and Cloth” “Outer” and “Inner” you may find that you get better results.

Hey, thanks for your answer. I’ve already tried this, but it had no effect either. I don’t know why this is happening. I guess, the T-Shirt detects collision with the hand and is pushed away regardless of the rest of the body which might be in its way.
Well, it’s just frustrating. I worked quite a while on the model and the animation and now I realise that it was probably a complete waste of time…

First of all I must say that your models are extraordinary! Very realistic looking :slight_smile:

The idea of combining cloth simulation with armature animation occured to me, too. But I had absolutely no idea how to achieve this and if it’s even possible. Obviously it is, although my first attempts to follow your approach failed completely :wink: I hope I’ll achieve some good results with it though…

So many thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

One thing I forget to mention is about Self-Collision in cloth. I don’t know if this has been modified at all for the later versions of the sim, but in 2.49b and earlier, I found that Self-Collision could create major “punch-through” problems in areas where the cloth was compressed or highly folded, as it is at many joints. In some cases using Self-Collision could make even fully-pinned vertices penetrate the underlying mesh. I came to consider it as a “last resort” setting only, for situations where it was absolutely necessary. I was pleased to discover that in the models I was using, it was not as essential as it sounds, often the cloth acts fine without it.