Problem with Compositor/Rendering Cycles

Hey guys, this drives me nuts…

I have object-tracked a video in order to overlay a mesh, so that it`ll look like i have some kind of a tattoo.

It was all cool until i tried to composite the video and the motion tracked object together. Heres a screen:

As you can see in rendered mode of the viewport it looks alright and in the compositing window, all nodes that motion tracking generates automatically are there. So my problem is that i can´t get my foreground-Renderlayer force to render my tattoo image, so compositor can´t use it.

I tried everything i know but my knowledge comes to it´s end. It´s my first try in motion tracking ect, so my knowledge isn´t that big anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe one of you guys is able to help me out :slight_smile:

If you need to know anything, please ask i´ll answer :wink:

Not sure but perhaps you have a material problem on the plane you are distorting in 3D view. You can display a texture without applying it correctly for render. Check the mapping attributes of the tattoo texture, perhaps they should be set to UV?

Looks to me like you might just have the tatoo and background in the wrong sockets in your alphaover node. Hard to tell from your screenshot…

Uploading the .blend file would be helpful. Your screenshot is very blurry.

Also remember to hit f12 for the render to show up in the compositor.