Problem with CONE

Hey guys. Probably is a stupid question but i dont know how to fix it. In my example i want to change the cube to a cone. but when the cube colides with the red floor ,the clone appears upside down… EC_Fixed.blend (599 KB) .Someone can help?

Are you sure your object is aligned as you need it?

You see that by selecting the object and press <alt r>. It will align to the scene.

Yes. i did that… the object is in the second layer… was the first thing i did…

You’re rotating the object. What else would you expect? (check the sphere motion actuators)

Yes it works in this file… but in my game doesn’t :confused: can be another thing?

I put 0 in rotation…and works… i changed for GLSL and not works…

Sorry. it works with GLSL… but doesnt work in my game… only in the file uploaded… its weird

This is how it looks in my game!! No rotations… someone can help?

I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what it is you’re trying to get your scene to do here, or what the ‘problem’ is.
Is the picture above what you want it to look like, or is that what it’s currently doing that you want to fix? If so, can you show us a visual of what you want it to look like? ‘upside-down’ doesn’t mean much without a reference point.

I’m guessing that you don’t want the cone to take on the orientation of the sphere when it gets added in?
If this is the case, add this line to, just after new_obj = scene.addObject(…):

new_obj.worldOrientation = [0,0,0]

Now, go into your hidden layer, rotate your cone to whatever angle you want it to appear as in-game, and hit Ctrl+A and apply Rotation (apply Scale while you’re at it)

The problem is when i swith to the cone is like in the picture i posted, or turned to one side… i want to be in normal way.

Thanks a lot… It works… Finally :slight_smile: