problem with creating fur - empty spots; radius of children

Hallo everybody

I am pretty new to particles and I have the problem that my hair settings leave empty spots on the cube - spots which are not covered by fur.

As well when I increase the radius setting of the children the children hair tend to cross the cube’s edges although the object is finished there.
So the hair “flies”. Of course the children spread over a bigger area when increasing this parameter. But is it normal that they cross the object?

I use Blender 2.57b

Thank you very much in advance!


You can paint fur on the emty spots.Click on the little “box” wher you can change from objekt view to edit mode.If you have the model with the fur selected there should be somthing called hair brush.In there you can edit the fur:)

Thank you for your answer!
I couldn’t find the hair brush, but I am aware of the particle mode.
I finally got a solution when playing around with the “Emission” parameters (Jittered, Random etc.) in the advanced view.

But the other problem still bugs me. As well the fur is not only distributed on the chosen faces on a vertex group but also on faces around the chosen vertex group: see screenshot: the column in the middle should be empty because it is a different vertex group
I know I could use weight paint or just shrink them to zero in particle mode. But this shouldn’t be necessary. Does anybody know if this is a bug or a setting?