Problem with curve modifier


I’m quite new to blender and i’m trying to rig a custom made spiral using a curve and curve modifier but for some reason the modifier does the modification at top point of the curve and not on the middle as i want it to. I have tried numerous ways to fix this by applying location of both the bezier curve and spiral, aligning the pivot points, even making the new spiral, but results stay the same.

I have attached the pictures to make it clearer to understand

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: It still continues to act the same even if i adjust the origin points.
Also, uploaded a Blender file


gaminamas lvl1 trikampis.blend (587 KB)

Please always supply a demo blend file for support questions as people tend to not include all the important information, as in this case.

Ensure that the curve and the object with the curve modifier have the same origin position.

Edit: attached the blender model