Problem with "Custom Properties" in Blender 2.70

I made this rig in 2.69 and uploaded it a few days ago. So people tried to use that in 2.7, but they found a problem in the IK/FK switch: it don´t show the input with the switchable value in the “Custom Propertie” that i created. I already found the answer. This happens because in the propertie’s name i wrote the symbom “”, that in 2.7 make the propertie became only a label, without the input value.
I will fix that, but only for curiosity and to save time, is there a way to do that without lose all the drivers? If i change the propertie´s name it invalidates the drivers so i have to change the “Path” of ALL the single properties for each driver…


Dang I don’t think there is a way around the reserved character problem? You may have to just manually update the property name and all drivers that reference it.

I was afraid of that… kkk. Thanks!