Problem with Cycles GPU render

Hi guys!

I’m trying to render a scene with Cycles, using CUDA GPU, but I get this error message: “CUDA binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (2.1) not found”. I tried in versions 2.64 and 2.65, and in many 2.65 builds, same error. In version 2.63 I can render normally with GPU, I just don’t do that because I made the scene in 2.65, and 2.63 don’t have support for some features. I have a Nvidia GT 540M, latest drivers.

Anyone else with a similar problem?
Luís Henrique Mesquita

Official builds from contain the 2.1 render kernel, no idea what is going on there.

Do you have special characters in the file path to the blender.exe or white space? If yes, try to start Blender from a path without those.

Yes, I tried 2 of those builds, but got the same error. Maybe its just problem specifically with my graphic card, but if it is, it still doesn’t make sense that it works on 2.63. I had this path problem with textures on 2.63, and moving to another folder it worked. I tried on 2.65 to move the .exe, but nothing. Gonna download the builds again (I’ve deleted them lol) and try with them later.

Thanks for the answer!