Problem with Cycles

I downloaded a recent build of cycles and exported it to a folder on my desktop so i could use both blender 2.59
as well as blender cycles
the problem arises when i try to use cycles.
Whenever i click the link to the cycles blender startup it opens and produces this VERY BIG problem

I open cycles and Bam! I only have regular blender functionality …it takes me to the startup scene of my blender 2.59 build, instead of opening cycles? whats the problem!

Open blender(cycles version) folder, look for another folder named 2.58 or 2.59 inside; open that and create folder named ‘config’.
Next time you start this blender instance it will put file startup.blend there. No mess anymore :slight_smile:
Do not forget to allow cycles renderer in user settings- addons.
This was here on forum already.

oh! well thank you very much…i so want to use cycles :smiley:

My pleasure… Solved?

YES! VERY MUCH SO! also marking thread as solved. You have no idea how happy you have made me :smiley: prepare for incoming freind request :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also just load factory settings.

the problem was making it so i couldnt load ANY SETTINGS…when i opened it it would start my 2.59.2 builds start.blend, instead of opening cycles…it then would flash between the two and all settings would dissapear…how to load factory settings?..and yes i know its file-load factory settings…really simple…unless the button is invisible…

now its fixed forever…

That’s very good that it’s fixed forever. I was simply giving an alternative for other people reading the thread. Furthermore, your original post never reflected the fact that loading factory settings was impossible. Just trying to contribute.

its fine i was just trying to state the exavt problem because i thought you mis understood something. Im sorry :smiley: