Problem with Cycles.

I have just bought a new Dell XPS15 laptop with a GeForce GT540M graphics card. I know this card supports GPU rendering ( one of the reasons I bought it) but when I try using Blender the render just comes out black. I can switch to CPU rendering and it will work but if I try switching to the OpenCL GPU option the same image comes out black. Any idea why this could be? I am using 2.60.5, r42109.

Why are you using OpenCL, you’d want to use CUDA gpu acceleration with that card.
Make sure your blender build is CUDA enabled first. If that doesn’t help while someone comes with some further ideas spend some of your time to search these forums as there are dozens of threads covering this subject and ther’s bound to be a suitable solution in one of them.

I`ve never used Nvidia before , I just assumed the right option would automatically be listed. How do I go about choosing CUDA ? It does not appear on the Device list - only CPU and OpenCL GPU. I have downloaded a newer version (r42149) which has CUDA support but with the same result . Confused. :confused:

You need a suiteable driver for your gpu. Try installing the newest from nvidia and then CUDA should appear in the deviceslist.


1.nvidia drivers from 2.80 and up.
2.if it doesn’t work try installing CUDA 4.0 from nvidia, it’s free.