Problem with decaling

Hello, i have been working on a model that requires decaling to map images to the mesh. I have been able to map the image to the empty, and have it display on the mesh, however i am having a problem. The image is not scaling with the empty, it is stretching over the entire mesh. Also, how would i apply to decals to the same mesh?
any help is appreciated, thanks.

But remember the scaling works a bit different here.
A 1 means stretch the image to fit ONCE on the whole object.
2 means stretch to fit it TWICE etc.
So bigger number make the Decal smaller

that worked perfectly, however i have 2 questions, will that maintain, it’s position if the empty is parented to the mesh, and the mesh is moved? and how would i add multiple decals to the same material/mesh?

If the empty is parented to the mesh it will stay there, rock solid.
For additional decals, I must admit I have never tried that myself :frowning:

thanks for the help, however i still need some help with adding multiple decals to the same material/mesh.

You’ll need to add additional texture channels for each decal, basically following the same process you’ve used already. The addition of a new empty for each decal is necessary, and they will be named ‘empty.001’ ,‘empty.002’, etc. Or you can name them as you add them by the decal type involved :slight_smile:
Just remember to parent all the empties to the mesh, and you’ll be set.