Problem with deform modifier when animating/rendering scene

Hi, first time posting and i would probably say im still a novice at using software like blender.

Problem is, I have a character who i created from scratch and by using various tutorials, i’ve managed to get to the stage where i am starting to animate him. I’ve used a mesh deform modifier with a deformer to move the clothes of my character. Everything looked like it was going well animating him but when i rendered the scene, the clothes which where meant to have have been moved by the deform modifier have not budged an inch.
The deformer mesh is moving properly with the armature along with the body.

Check your modifier settings
Ensure you have enabled the modifier to be active for rendering (camera icon)
Check order of modifiers. If deform is above armature try swapping them.

Unfortunately you didn’t supply a link to your blend file so not able to actually see what you are doing

Oh sorry about that (ill remember to link it in the future).

But its all good, I checked the orders of the modifiers and it seemed the problem lied there. It only required a bit of reordering.

Many thanks for the help :smiley: