problem with deformation

Ok so I finally got my mesh skinned, however when moving the bones around things are deforming very abnormally. For example I built and arm that is comprised of several tubes and cylinders. They are all one object. When I move the arm they come undone and stretch. What is it that I need to set to make them stay uniform no matter what is happening. Also for some reason, sections that are not even supposed to be deformed by the movement get deformed. I’ve checked and they are not part of the vertex group. Basically where ever the object is told to center itself on (3d cursor, meridan point, individual center, etc) as it moves around that point the deformation happens. What I need is for it to not deform at all. I need it to stay the same orginal shape as before it moved. Can someone tell me how this is done, I know it probably a quick fix. BTW deformation is not needed becuase it is a robot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


So I attached pictures depicting the problem. From what I can tell only half of the lower arm is affected by the problem. I was thinking it cuold be a weight issue on certian vertices within the affected section, so i manually made sure they were in the vertex group.

This didn’t do anything though. This is very frustrating.

A little more background the arm is composed of a middle tube, and then has smaller tubes that are attached to it. So there are a lot of vertices inside of other objects. However, if I was missing a few then when I moved the arm there would be residual vertices that I could easily manipulate.

Thanks for any help, once I can sort this out, I’ve finally be able to get the ball moving again.



I’m beginning to think it has to do with the deform constraint, but I don’t even know what that is. There is something that is causing it to deform. The top of the arm doesn’t deform, but it also doesn’t have an axle point. (I can move the arm all over the place, and not even be attached to the shoulder. )

So the questions still remains

1.) what is up with the deformation and how can I fix it
2.) how can i anchor bones so they have axes that cannot leave?


If you can post the .blend we could look at it and cut out the guesswork. First guess is that doing Ctrl-A on Armature and Meshes will cut your problems by half. Also do Ctrl-N on all bones in Edit mode on the Armature.
Does it only happen on the bone you show?


Fligh - Yes it is just with that one bone. When I do CTRL A on the mesh it causes the whole messes to rotate horizontally, something I really don’t want to happen.

I can move the upper arm, and it will not deform the mesh or anything. It acts as it should, but the lower portion of the arm always deforms like it atracted to the elbow.

I would post the blend file, by I have no where to host it, and am behind a proxy and can’t access my own site for hosting.

Thanks for your comments. I hope this bit of info gives you more to work with.


Figh, I figured it out. I don’t know why but when I was manually assigning the vertices it would not be the same as what the weight painting would show with the vertices. For some reason it wasn’t completely zeroing out the weight on the vertices I was removing. So now I manually set up the vertex groups and am using weight painting to handle it. It is a wierd thing, but I know it was my fault.

Thanks for all your help.

Only took 12 hours to figure it out. At least I was at work the whole time.