Problem with directing my game into another scene


I have been working on a project, a game actually and I have a menu screen. I have three main buttons, start, controls and exit. However after connecting up my logic blocks using the basic, left mouse click > and > scene and so on, it seems like each button does not respond to its designated instruction. My exit starts the game, my controls goes to its page, freezes and starts the game and the start does similar to the controls.

Any help? I will much appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

Did you only use “left mouse click > and > scene”?

If you do this at every button, each button will react to the left click.

It is necessary to use the mouse over sensor, too.

left mouse click
> and > scene
mouse over

If this doesn’t solve your problem, please provide a example blend or screenshots.
=> It’s easier to comprehend your system. :wink:


Thanks for the reply. The directions you told me to follow, I have done it already as shown in the screen shots posted below.
However, it still doesn’t work. I have done a few troubleshooting like unit testing, but each of them work perfectly, independently but when I connect logic bricks for the other buttons, they stop working as they should.