Problem with Displace

hi guys

I have Problem with Displace

As you can see here

I paint the black and white image . to use it in Displace modifier

but it is not looks good
all I want to make it the same reference

I guess there are multiple smaller problems:

  • the thickness of your lines isn’t even, you have some thicker lines on the upper part of your texture and thinner lines on the lower part, maybe redo the texture
  • the resolution of your texture is quite low, make a “high-res” one
  • if you really want to use a displacement modifier, increase the subsurf level, but u could also use your texture as a displacement map for your material (or bump-map)
  • it looks like you have to recalculate the normals of those 2 smaller things where the chain is attached (select everything in edit mode and hit Ctrl + N)

I hope that helps,