Problem with dynamic armatures!

I looked around but couldn’t seem to find a solution to my problem, so here it is, :smiley:

I made the armatures dynamic on my character, and it went crazy and would rotate randomly and fly off, so I went to UV and turned off collision and clicked copy draw mode, and now instead of going crazy it will drop and fall halfway through the map, then act like it’s set to rigid body, it’s really weird. :confused:

Does anyone know how to fix it?

If that was too hard to understand here are some blend files:

many people have the same problem I guess
This “armature” works quite well
But I don’t remmber anymore how I’ve done it :slight_smile:
If you want to check:


It’s one of the problems of making armatures dynamic. You can’t set the center on an armature like you can with other objects. It’s falling to the size of the bounding area. Try setting the bounding to convex hull prototype, if that doesn’t work increase the “size” in the dynamic panel.

Thanks OTO and Fireside, i’ll give it a try and let you know if it works, :smiley:

Well I tried the hull polytope thing, that didn’t work, and I wasn’t sure what you meant by “size” but I fiddled around with the “Mass” and “Radius” buttons in the dynamic panel but it still doesn’t work properly, so i’m not sure, any more ideas? :confused:

that game is awsome. you should make the camera folow him.

Thanks Tarkata, but i’m not sure what you mean, the camera does follow him, :confused:

The Armature is not working with physics. Check this post from the Bullet forum for Blender :

If you don’t mean this and you are saying how to move an animated character without rotating the best advice I can give you is : Create another object not visible and give it a sphere bounds. the radius of the bounds sphere be sure to serv the size of the character. After that thru Python script change the position of the character to the position of the new created object.

I have to warn you for some things… This technic it’s not good. what I mean is that you will not get the results you may wand. The most used technic that is used in gamedev is an elipsoid type or a swept sphere collision object or something else. Erwin the creator of Bullet sayed that he will add collision object like this to be used for characters.

Also looks like it is a very strange time to realy do some work in BGE right now. What I wand to say is that Ogre will sow up and Bullet will get advanced.

Hi !

I had the same problem, and the only way I found to solve it has been to switch back to Sumo physics engine… :frowning:

And now, trying to create artificial intelligence for the secondary characters, I have a lot of problems with the strange behaviour of some sensors, but this is another story !


I’ve tried changing to sumo but when I do that it just makes my character fall through the ground and get caught by his head for some reason? :frowning:

Sumo is deprecated. What I do is use a cyinder as my motivation object. I parent the armature to it. The cylinder I make invisible, of course.

Me and my little brother (Microwave on the forums) tried that, because it worked with his, but for some reason we haven’t got it to work on mine yet, i’ll let you know if we do, any more help is welcome. :wink: