Problem with dynamic material?

I made a game .exe in which a ball is the actor and bouncing around. It has a uv-mapped .jpg image -material and dynamic button activated in materials. The .exe game runs ok on my win xp computer but when I try to run it on my other win 98se computer, the game runs but the image texture on the ball has dissapeard. SDL.dll is in the same folder as the .exe game in both cases. It does’nt help if I put the .jpg image in the folder too. Why doesn’t the texture show on the other computer?

file -> pack data

it will put the texture in the .blend file, blender is probably looking for it at the full path you had it before and not finding it

[blender only uses relative paths if you ask it to very nicely, which is to say it almost never uses relative paths]

Thanks z3r0 d Forum Monkey, that fixed it! The bouncing isn’t as smooth in the old 533 mhz Radeon 9200 computer but works.
Is it possible to make the bouncing ball shaded?
There is some Blender-games in and they don’t need the SDL.dll file in the same folder to run them. How do you make that?

they used an older version of blender, 2.25 or prior

How to make the jpg-imaged uv-mapped bouncing sphere shaded? Now it’s bright in the spotlights but has no shadows. The surrounding planes have shadows.

Hit F to enter face select mode. Go to the edit buttons, turn on Light & hit ‘Copy DrawMode’. Hit F to come out of face select mode. If you want soft shading but you see hard, click on ‘Set Smooth’ in the edit buttons.

Keith. 8)

Thanks for the advice gorgan_almi Forum Monkey, now it works.
I’m trying to figure out how to make feathers on a bird using RipStings Fiber Generator 203. I think I have the Python Script installed and working but there is no tutorials telling how to use it to make the feathers. The example file that comes in the zip -file has a grass material.