problem with earth texture

when I apply the earth image instead of texture I see white.
don’t ask me any more questions because I’m a blender beginner
here’s the file:;9114314;/fileinfo.html
it’s only 185kb tho’

Ok, just first impression:

  1. Pack data to make sure the texture image is included with the file before saving - my download has the name, but no image embedded.
  2. Look up UV Unwrapping, and follow the simplest tutorial from the wiki - I would suggest using ‘project from view’ to align the image to the forward view of the sphere. If you animate, though, the image would repeat in a weird way :slight_smile:

here’s the new file with the earth texture packed…;9115068;/fileinfo.html
I used the front view in the 3d viewport, then used sphere from view in the U unwrap menu - worked pretty well. I named the UV Tex in the texture channels for mapping to UV, so it should work. I couldn’t understand what you were doing with the camera view, so I left that alone.