Problem with Edge slide and remove edgeloop not applying to UV

I usually use the remove edgeloop and Edgeslide tools for making LOD’s the fact that the UV would automatically fix itself when I did these actions was very helpful. For some reason that feature has mysteriously stopped working recently. Is there a way to turn this feature back on?

I ran into this problem, fortunately there’s a solution for the 2 cases (at least in the more recent version of Blender i’m using from the blender buildbot, i’m not sure this works in the now old official 2.63a release )

  • deleting edge loop :
    do not press X -> Edge Loop to delete an edge loop if you want to have the UV autocorrect itself
    With the edge loop selected , be sure to be in Edge Selection mode (CTRL+TAB -> Edge) then press X -> Dissolve
    Dissolving the selected edges will autocorrect the UV, but be sure to enable “Dissolve Verts” in the Operator panel (bottom of the T-Panel, to your 3D left) after dissolving (or press F6 and enable “Dissolve Verts” in the popup)

  • edge slide the edge loop
    after having your edge loop selected and having pressed CTRL+E -> Edge Slide and moving the edge loop, you will see that indeed the UV is deformed, but just after sliding the edge loop, look in the Operator panel (or press F6 to make it popup) and enable “Correct UV” and it will do that.