problem with edit mode scalling

So i was working on a scene,and i was in nee of a new object,so i added a cube,then did 2 cuts,then when i started scalling it all went scatered,like the vertexes were pushing away from eachother, in object mode it does not happen,the pivot poitn is set to the median point and proportional edditing is OFF,also with a sphere some faces go out as if they are extruded,and visualy,while scallign it apears as i have overlapping faces,what is this?

EDIT: in another blend file it does not happen but it does in this one,it is very strange

EDIT: I also notice that no matter how scrambeld it gets,it keeps the shape relative to the screen,so if i don’t rotate the view i would see it as unchanged but when i rotate it i see that it is scrambled

sorry for double post but can’t add attachments in edit


Can you post blend file ?


This means revealing my game WIP but anyway…

I don’t see anything weird when I scale any of the objects in edit mode.


Makes no sense to only happen to me with that file…on other files it work well so it’s not like my pc or something,it’s the blend file,then you say you see nothing weird…,alo it happens when rotating,IN EDIT MODE,not in object mode

It’s caused by Retopo enabled and don’t know why newly added object gets Retopo ON:eek: Also, when you switch off or on Retopo for one object , couple others in Scene get the same Retopo state and it seems they are not linked or link is broken some way - selection by linked ObData do not select anything more. Strange behaviour - maybe bug?

Edit: It seems Retopo tool is enabled/disabled globally for all objects in scene. Maybe someone can explain it ?