Problem with Edit Object/Add Object and Lights in GLSL

Hi there, I posted this on another forum, the result was that this works in multi-texture mode, but NOT in GLSL. I was wondering if anyone here can take a look at this and offer more feedback or a possible solution so that it can work in GLSL.
Here’s what I posted:

Hello and Happy New Year.
I have a problem when adding an object that contains a light. I’ve added a blend file to demonstrate what I mean. Just hit P and then use the space bar to add objects. What you’ll see is… when you add the first object, a spere is birthed with a light that iluminates the area around the sphere. Now when you hit space bar again… the first light pops off… and the second sphere now iluminates the plane. This will happen again if you add another sphere. Why is this? Why don’t/can’t they both illuminate the plane? Thats what I’d like to see.
The lights don’t need to cast shadows.
The object and light that are being birthed are in the last viewport layer. The first layer is the main one for this example.
Can anyone explain this to me?



AddLight.blend (177 KB)

I don’t know waht you have changed in your file that it is not working. I mad a new blendfile and append alle objects witout the plane to it. Now the new file is working.


AddLight2.blend (170 KB)

This is a bug, and I have already submitted a bug report about it.
But I don’t know if it is still there in blender 2.56.

I thought it might be a bug.

Doesn’t work once a material is applied…